How to Send an Epub to Kindle and Read?

In May 2022, Amazon released a new update, making headlights across all major news websites. They are finally adding support for this file format called EPUB.

So, now you can send EPub to Kindly and read.

The only way in past to send a Mobi file to a Kindle was through a couple of processes that Amazon had. However, recently, Amazon announced that you can now send EPUB files to someone’s Kindle or your own.

And also, very soon, they’re going to take away the ability to do mobi.

So this has put a lot of authors into a bit of a pickle because right now, it’s crucial for us to learn how to send EPUB files to a Kindle, especially since they’re going to take away the ability to do that with mobi files.

Currently, there are three ways to send an EPU file to a Kindle, and this article will provide a step-by-step explanation for sending EPub to a kindle.

After you finish reading this post, you’ll be able to effectively and efficiently send EPU files to a Kindle and be ahead of the curve so that when Amazon kills off the mobi, You’re good to go.

So when sending a EUP file to a Kindle, there are three ways you can do this.

One, emailing the UB to your Kindle method, two, using the free, send a Kindle desktop tool. Which Amazon says will work for EPU by the end of 2022, and method three, using the Amazon smartphone.

Now that third one, I do not recommend it because the app’s problem is that it will change up the book based on which smartphone the person is using.

And that’s a lot of different steps. So let’s start with the first method, emailing your EPU file to a Kindle.

To do this, all you’ll need is that Kindle’s specific email address. And a EUB file. For those who use Atticus for formatting your books, this will be simple because while Atticus has other file formats, you can export in its main one for an ebook is EUB.

No problem if you don’t know your Kindle-specific email address. Every Kindle has a specific email address attached to it. All we need to do is locate that you should be good to go to do this.

Follow these steps.

First, log in to your Amazon account. Go under history and list. And select content and devices. Next, select the devices tab.

After that, find your device in the list of devices and click on it; this should bring up a page where you can see the Kindle email address listed. It will end at [email protected]

You can now copy that email and save it for later. Okay. Now that we have the email address open up an email, put in the Kindle email address and attach the EPU file.

There is no need to put a subject line or any content in the body. Once you send that, you should get an email verification from Amazon. Open that up and hit the verify button. Then the next time you open your Kindle, and it syncs, your book will be sitting there. Some important extra information is that you can send 25 attachments in one email at a time.

The total email file size. It can’t be greater than 50 mega. If you need to, you can compress the file into a zip file, and Amazon will unzip it. And finally, there are other file types you can send instead of EPU. However, these different types generally don’t look good or have problems. So it is best to use EPU for this.

Okay. The following method to sending a. EUB file tool. A Kindle is to use Amazon’s free tool to send a Kindle.

However, as per reports, this doesn’t work in EUB, but Amazon is coming out with it by the end of 2022.

So in anticipation of this, let’s go ahead and take a look at how we can do that. If you own a PC Mac, you can download the send to Kindle desktop app.

Using this link below, after you’ve installed the application, it will ask you to link. With your account, follow the prompts that they give you. And within seconds, you can connect your Kindle account.

Once the account is linked, you drag and drop the EUB file to send to the Kindle app and voila, your ebook will soon be available on your Kindle while this may be the easiest, especially for you avid reader types or arc readers.

As I said, this won’t be available for EPU until later in 2020. Another thing about this process is that you can use it to send files via the following file and formats, Microsoft word PDF. Text images, RTF and HTML. But again, I don’t recommend using those because the problem is that Amazon might mess up or distort your book the best way to handle it is UB.

Um, especially when they also get that working in later in 2022. I’ll be sure to put it in the comment section. Okay. Right at the top is any information that updates, especially when Amazon gets that working.

And the final third method is using the iOS or Android app. As I said, this will be very different, depending on your phone.

Problems with transferring files with this method, whether EPU, Mobi, or any of those other file formats, have complained about the process.

So I do not recommend using it and instead looking at number one or number two, especially as number two comes out later.

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