How to Write Summary of a Book

To write a book summary, you must know the basics that lay the foundation for the book summary.
This article gives a detailed roadmap and step-by-step guide to writing a perfect book summary.

So, let’s start with a brief introduction about:

What is a summary, and why is it important?

A summary is an umbrella term that applies to almost every field.
According to the oxford dictionary, a summary is “a brief statement or account of the main points of something.”

Here are some examples that will help you understand it better.

Let us say you watched a 2-hour movie and your friend asked you about the film. You explain the 2-hour film to your friend within 5-minutes; that is what summary means in essential words.

Imagine you are reading an article in a magazine in your language. As you seem very interested in it and I cannot understand your language, I ask you what it is about. Of course, you are not going to translate the “”hole thing, so your brain quickly sorts out what bits I might find interesting and reorganises them so that you can then pass on the information using words I can understand immediately. The words you choose and how you express the ideas in the article arc, in fact, your summary. As a result, I am better informed, without having to rake the time and make an effort to work through a passage in a foreign language. Imagine you went to see a popular film at the local cinema. Later, you want to tell your friend about it. Again, you pick the parts you think will appeal to your friend and give him an idea of the film’s basic story.

In other words, you summarise it for him. This may even save your friend from having to go to the cinema himself; if your summary does not make the film sound interesting to your friend, then he may decide not to go and watch it! We do exactly the same thing when telling someone about a conversation we have had with someone else. We certainly do not repeat the conversation exactly as it happened, nor do we always use the words used in the actual conversation. We also select what we say depending on who we say it to. Do you tell your mother everything your friend said to you at a pai·ty? I doubt it! A summary allows you to easily understand a passage that may be long and contain difficult or specialised vocabulary.

Step by Step Guide on How to Write Summary of a Book

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