Is Course Hero Worth the Money: Review, Price, Pro and Cons?

Is Course Hero Worth the Money

This article will cover the review of Course Hero, its pros, Cons, price and is Course Hero worth it and whether one should pay the subscription of Course Hero.

Course Hero is used by millions of students every day, making it one of the most popular sites for solving doubts, helping with your homework and sharing class notes.

Course Hero is an online platform where you get answers to your questions solved by subject matter experts. It also offers textbook solutions to thousands of books.

Now the question is, does Course Hero live up to all the hype, is it worth the money, and should you pay for it?

Well, this article will help you decide whether you should pay for the subscription offered by the Course Hero, and at the end of this article, you will get a discounted price from the course hero at only $50 per year, which is $70 less than the website of Course Hero.

Before we get started, it is essential to know about the background of Course Hero.

Course Hero Overview

Course Hero was founded in 2006 by the same team behind CourseSmart, the first company to sell digital textbooks.

The platform has grown steadily and boasts a database of more than 25 million resources.

They also have partnerships with more than 3,000 publishers and schools worldwide. Course Hero is a good place to find study guides, flashcards and practice exams. It is a resource-sharing platform where students can post questions and upload documents, assignments, college papers and other study material.

Course Hero provides materials like homework assignments, lecture slides, and more for its paid users.

You can even find quizzes created by other students like yourself; this is especially helpful if you’re studying for a class with no tests or exams soon.

While it may not be the most reliable source of information, it can significantly help when studying for an exam or writing a paper.

The website is free to use, and you have a lot of restrictions if you are not a paid subscriber. Still, you can purchase premium subscriptions.

This allows you to access more resources, unlock study material and post questions where you can get your doubt solved.

Course Hero also offers a mobile app, which makes it easy to access your course materials when you’re on the go. The website is designed for students, making it easy to use and navigate.

The website is very easy to navigate and offers a variety of helpful features. You can search for materials by subject or course.

You can browse the library of resources and find out what other students are saying about different courses.

It’s’ worth noting that CourseHero is not affiliated with nor endorsed by any school or college.

So, you should always double-check the information provided before using it for academic purposes.

In addition, they have a variety of articles on different topics for those who want to expand their knowledge beyond the course material itself.

Should you Pay for the Course Hero, and is it Worth it?

Before we decide whether course hero is worth it and whether you should pay for it, we will consider specific aspects and parameters. Then, based on them, you can determine whether you should pay for the subscription of the course hero and whether it is worth paying.

First, we will check the subjects Course Hero offers help in.

The number of subjects covered by Course Hero.

According to the website of Course Hero, they cover the following subjects for its paid subscribers where you can get help from

1. Business
Under the business section following subjects are covered.

Accounting and FinanceBusiness and Management Economics
Financial AccountingHuman Resource Management Microeconomics
Managerial AccountingBusiness LawMacroeconomics
Cost AccountingProject ManagementEnvironmental Economics
Tax LawEnternaurshipEconometrics
General FinanceCommunicationsGeneral Economics
General AccountingPublic Relations
Operation Management
Supply Chain Management
General Management
General Business

2. Science
Under the Science section, the following subjects are covered.

BiologyChemistryHealth SciencePhysical Science
MicrobiologyOrganic ChemistryNursingEnvironmental Science
AnatomyBiochemistryHealth ScienceGeology
PhysiologyInorganics ChemistryMicrobiologyEarth Science
BiochemistryChemical EngineeringGeneticsMarine Biology
NutritionPublic RelationsMeteorology
Cell BiologyMarketingElectronics
GeneticsOperation ManagementAstronomy
Marine BiologySupply Chain Management Fluid Dynamics
EcologyGeneral ManagementAstrophysics
BiophysicsGeneral BusinessGeneral Physics

3. Math
Under the Math section, Course Hero provide help and service in 12 subjects.

MathStatistics and Probability
CalculusStatistics and Probability
Applied Mathematics
Linear Algebra
Differential Equations
Logical Reasoning

4. Engineering and Technology
Under the Engineering and Technology section, the following subjects are covered.

Computer ScienceEngineering
Information Security Electrical Engineering
Java ProgrammingMechanical Engineering
Python ProgrammingElectronics
NetworkingCivil Engineering
C++ ProgrammingFluid Dynamics
Object Oriented ProgrammingOperation Management
Artificial IntelligenceChemical Engineering
MYSQLSupply Chain Management
Industrial Engineering

4. Social Science
Under the Social Science section, the following subjects are covered.

LawPolitical ScienceSocial Science
Business LawPolitical SciencePsychology
Criminal JusticeGovernmentSociology
Forensic ScienceInternational RelationsSociology Psychology
Tax LawAnthropology

4. Arts and Humanities
In the Arts and Humanities section, the following subjects are covered.

English and WritingHistoryForeign LanguageOther
English LanguageUS HistorySpanishArchitecture
English LiteratureWorld HistoryFrenchMusic
LiteratureAncient HistoryLatinChristianity
Creative WritingEuropean HistoryPhilosophy
WritingAsian HistoryEpistemology
Religious Studies

Course Hero offers help in 111 subjects as of 2022.

You can post your questions in the subjects offered, and you will get an answer based on the requirements asked by you in the question.

You might be wondering how long Course Hero takes to answer questions.

Answering time in Course Hero varies from subject to subject and the number of questions you post at a time.

Suppose you want an answer for your Computer Engineering or Computer Science Subjects.

The average answering time in these subjects is around 3-4 hours and may be more than that, depending on the complexity of the questions.

If the question is not that complex, it may take less than 3-4 hours, and sometimes you will get an answer within 2 hours.

Similarly, if you want an answer for your Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and the other Engineering related fields, then the average answering time in these subjects is around 2-3 hours. It may be more than that sometimes and less than that the other times.

In the subjects of Statistics and Probability and Mathematics, the average answering time in Course Hero is 2 hours.

As per Course Hero, they offer a Basic (free) Membership as well as a paid Premier Membership.

There are a lot of restrictions for Free members, and you get only one question and can seek help from online tutors available on their website.

Premier members may unlock up to 30 documents and User Questions and access all Textbook Solutions and Explanations in Course Hero’s library.

You receive up to 40 Questions depending on your subscription type.

With an annual subscription, you get 40 questions for $120, paying $4 for each question you post. If in some way your answered question is wrong.

You get only a single chance to resubmit it, and after that, you utilise your question whether the answered question is correct or incorrect.

For a quarterly subscription, you have to pay $44.85 and get only 20 questions.

For a monthly subscription, you have to pay $19.95, and you get only ten questions.

Course Hero claims their average answering time is 15 minutes which is wrong as I have personally used their service, and sometimes it took 6-7 hours for them to answer a single question.

So, if you are considering paying for the subscription of Course Hero, it is overpriced for the services they offer, and the response of the tutors is not up to the mark.

Overall Review of Course Hero from other sources.

As per the SitejabberOpens in a new tab. Course Hero has an average rating of 1.4.

Some users have claimed that their credit card gets used on their website fraudulently.

Students also claim there are copied documents uploaded on Course Hero. Even after posting questions on Course Hero, the answers are wrong, and there is no way to cross-check them.

There are also reports of Course Hero publishing the thesis of some people unlawfully without their consent.

While Course Hero claim that they have a refund policy

As per the reports from the trust pilot,Opens in a new tab. Course Hero is only having a rating of 2.9.

So, if you want to know about the takeaway from the reviews of Course Hero, it has a lot of negative thoughts and is just not a good option for you.

How To Get Course Hero For Free?

If you are looking to get Course Hero for free, it is impossible, but instead of paying $120 for 40 questions, you can get a subscription to Course Hero for just $49 with all the benefits and 40 questions.

You have to fill out the below form, and we will get back to you and offer you the lowest price for the Course Hero subscription.

Is Course Hero Free for Students

No, they don’t. Course Hero claims to provide free service to students, but on verifying, they only allow you to access all their features once you make payment and purchase the premium subscription.

Is Course Hero Safe?

Course Hero is safe to use and does not share your information, nor does it inform your college, university or school. So, it would be best if you used course hero without any hassle and worry.

How much is Course Hero For Students?

If you are a student looking to the subscription to Course Hero, then you will get Course Hero for only 49$, and you get 40 questions with your subscription.
For that, you have to fill out the form provided in this article to get your Course Hero Student subscription at a discounted rate, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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